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Celebrating Powerful Women in DOOH



Gina Cubillas

This year, International Women’s Day is on a mission to #BreakTheBias. This movement looks towards a future where the world is free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination; a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. 

Vistar stands by this mission and is collectively taking steps to make sure our workplace and industry are working towards breaking the bias. Today, women make up 37% of our global workforce and 43% of our leadership team! (P.S. we’re hiring!)

We are grateful for all the powerful, intelligent, and successful women we work with! To celebrate International Women’s day, we selected a few women who inspire us and are breaking barriers in their personal lives and workplace. 


Su Kwon,VP, Emerging Channels, Publicis Media


"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was asked when we would have enough women on the Supreme Court, and she responded, ‘when

there are nine.’ Her comment was met with surprise – a court made up 100% of women is surprising, but a court made up of 100% men is considered normal. It is not enough to aim for 50% of the court to be "equal”… we need to break these gender norms so that having 100% women leadership is just as normal. Having more representation of women in leadership is just the first step to #BreakTheBias. I am extremely lucky to be at a company that already has strong female leadership, with many role models and mentors who empower me every day. I feel that it is important to not lead “like a man,” but rather to foster and empower a leadership style that is authentic to yourself. My empathy, communication style, femininity, etc., are not a weakness; rather they are an asset that provide unique and diverse perspectives and skills. Be confident in your authentic self, because that’s what makes you special."


Megan Halscheid, VP, Marketplace Intelligence, Publicis Media

Meghan_Headshot“I think there are many ways in our daily lives to help #BreakTheBias. The first is not letting bias impact how we think about ourselves — don’t let it get you down and deter you from reaching your goals. At work I think it’s important, especially as a leader, to constantly be an advocate for other women. At home, I try to set an example for my three boys as a working mom, that women are important, strong and successful.”


Shirley Marrow, Senior Programmatic Partnerships Manager, Lamar


“To #BreakTheBias it is important to always be willing to put in the work, stay passionate, be curious and push the limits to find new ways to innovate. Always believe in yourself and your ideas so don't be afraid to speak up and be heard!”


Lorraine Pyne, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, ZOOM Media

Lorraine_Headshot (1)"To be a powerful woman in the workplace means that I have a responsibility to lead by example and demonstrate the diligence, determination, and solutions women bring to the workplace.

I #BreakTheBias by giving people the opportunity to share and shine. Greatness can come from anyone, anywhere. Let people show what they can do. In my experience, you’ll be glad you did.

Take the time to recognize the strengths and skills of those around you. It takes a team effort to make change. Hone in on what you and each member of your team do well and watch things change for the better."


Julia Hoon, Programmatic Development Manager, Media Sales, Volta

Julia_Headshot (1)“It feels like an accomplishment to be recognized as a powerful woman. To me it means that I’ve earned the respect of my coworkers and external partners through my work and actions.

“One of our core values at Volta is that we’re here to drive the world forward. We consider immediate results as well as the long-term view of redefining mobility with our electric vehicle charging network. I think about #BreakTheBias similarly, in that it’s an immediate, everyday focus in our daily interactions, as well as a long term initiative for individuals and businesses.

In order to make a change you need to act as the change. If it’s a new role or new responsibilities in the workplace you have to act in that position to make the change as easy as possible for others to sign off. This way there is no question about your ability to handle the next step.”


Amanda Ardalan, Director Publisher Operations, Vistar Media

Amanda_Headshot (1)“I've always been so inspired by strong women who built their own success so I am very honored and thrilled to be recognized as a powerful woman at Vistar. Reflecting on the past 6 years of my career, I have to admit, it wasn't just my hard work that brought me here. I was very fortunate to have a female boss at my previous company who was the VP of operations. She really became a mentor to me and showed me how to stand your ground and break the bias as a female in leadership, especially in the technology world which is predominately male. 

She helped me find my voice and confidence and I take this everywhere I go. As females, we need to know our thoughts and opinions are just as important as anyone else's. We are equals and capable of so many great things and we need to remind each other of this. All I do is spread this message to every co-worker, student, friend, family member...you name it, I'm your hype girl. Because once you believe in yourself and don't let a bias intimidate you, you will see all the great things you can accomplish.”


Janet Urciuoli, CFO, Vistar Media

Janet_Headshot"As a working mother of four, including 3 daughters, this year's theme of #BreakTheBias resonates with me. Women CAN do it all.  We can have families, we can be caretakers, we can be partners and we can still be extremely successful in the workplace. As women, we often feel like we have "more to prove" and I hope one day we truly #BreakTheBias. One of the great things about working at Vistar Media is that much of our senior leadership team is made up of women! After spending most of my career as the only woman in the boardroom, it is empowering to look around the table at Vistar and see other females shining bright and making an impact. Be Strong. Be Bold. #BreakTheBias!"

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