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How Canadian Tire achieved a 30% lift in consideration with DOOH — DPAA panel recap



Andrew Golden

Recently, Scott Michell, Managing Director for Canada at Vistar Media sat down with Brittany Kahn — Group Director, Strategy at Touché and Daniel Mak — Sr. Director, Planning and Platforms at Talon to discuss the tactical elements of a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign strategy and how Canadian Tire leveraged DOOH to drive consideration and service intent.

DOOH Measurement

  • “Tires are one of the most common servicing needs in the industry, so it is very important to us. So being able to understand how our investment is helping to meet our key goals such as awareness, consideration and intent is very important to continue to convince clients that we know, as media professionals, that digital out-of-home specifically, has been very pivotal to our strategies.” – Brittany Kahn

  • "I think from a strategic standpoint, having a really good brief from the client speaking the language that is clear to us on what they need to achieve, and then having access to the tools to do that, and then bringing them those really positive results.” – Daniel Mak

Campaign Planning

  • “From a planning perspective, we have this amazing flexibility with programmatic, and maybe we need to think about out-of-home plans or campaigns not being just linear, right? We can now build multifaceted plans with different audiences, different methodologies, different media types, different locations — all of that stuff. So as we evolve and we have access to these results, we can build on them.” – Daniel Mak

  • “I’m gonna go back to that brief and say [it’s important to] really think about what it is you want to accomplish. Talk to your clients and get a really good understanding of what it is you want to do. I guess it's my roundabout way of saying educate yourself, but we are also there to educate. We are facilitators, not gatekeepers.” – Brittany Kahn

Canadian Tire Case Study

Canadian Tire’s DOOH strategy was comprised of three distinct components:

  • Creative strategy: Canadian Tire deployed a mix of static DOOH creative content in both English and French in key markets across Canada.

  • Audience targeting: In its campaign, Canadian Tire leveraged custom consumer behavior audiences to reach households 25-54 with children under 18.

  • Measurement: Canadian Tire used a brand study to evaluate DOOH campaign performance on consumer awareness, consideration and consumer intent.

Canadian Tire DOOH ad

Campaign results: 

As a result of its brilliant DOOH campaign, Canadian Tire saw a +30% lift in consideration and a +25% lift in intent to use Canadian Tire Garage services.

Want to learn more about how Canadian Tire leveraged DOOH to drive results? Reach out to one of our experts, and we'll show you how! 



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