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Media Owner Spotlight: Alpine Media Technology



Gina Cubillas

Ski season is here and Alpine provides a unique opportunity for buyers to connect with sports enthusiasts when they hit the slopes. We chatted with Nick Haggard, Direct of Sales, at Alpine Media where we got to know a bit more about their inventory.

Could you describe your business – the types of screens in your inventory, where you can find Alpine screens, regions in which you operate, etc. – and what your network offers brands?

Alpine Media is the premiere digital OOH platform for ski resorts and adventure parks. It is also the creator of the All Mountain Platform (AMP): a digital media network consisting of large, HD screens strategically located across heavy footfall spaces which yield significant consumer dwell time.


We help skiers and riders maximize their time on the mountain by providing real-time, relevant, and informative content while simultaneously delivering digital ads.


The majority of our screens can be found at welcome centers, ticket offices, rental shops, restaurants, hotel reception areas, as well as, indoor and outdoor mountain lodges.


Our network offers brands the opportunity to get in front of arguably one of the most highly sought after demographics - affluent, educated, active men and women. The resort audience also offers a nice mix of both local commuters and out of state destination skiers.


Heading into our fourth season, we’ve experienced great loyalty from our ad partners as they continue to come back each winter season and for some, extend through our summer season. We attract brands across all major consumer categories: education, health & fitness, financial, apparel & gear, auto, insurance, F&B, etc.


We are also attracting interest from ski resorts, ski towns and adventure parks year round and project significant growth and expansion over the next several years.


Where do you see the digital out-of-home industry moving in the next 12 months?

We believe resort media will gain greater appeal over traditional urban and commuter DOOH spaces. Our resort partners witnessed record numbers this summer season and we believe outdoor recreation is now one of the more safe and desirable outlets for consumers in light of the current Covid-19 climate. With goggles, masks and gloves, skiers are naturally safer.


What has been Vistar’s most valuable contribution to your business?

Our ability to fill avails via the programmatic open exchange and PMP platform.

What Vistar software capabilities do you find most useful?

We enjoy the ability to provide multiple PMP deals to buyers based on their desired locations plus being able to see and approve creative before it runs to ensure it aligns with our family friendly atmosphere.


What is the one thing that you wish more digital buyers knew about out-of-home?

While pricing and DMAs primarily drive the buying decisions, digital OOH is now much more segmented. Through our resort media inventory advertisers get to reach this audience during a very uncluttered, positive experience. Additionally, AMP is not an ad carousel or digital ad billboard network but a network driven by a well balanced media mix of informative, relevant content, (not filler content) and targeted video ads; aimed at achieving high engagement and recall levels.


I think it’s also important for buyers to understand that some networks – like Alpine – have been built from the ground up with a focus on how best to reach and connect with a specific audience, as opposed to that being a secondary concern.


Ready to find out how you can buy unique inventory from networks like Alpine?

Or do you want to learn more about how Vistar can support your digital signage network?

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