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Consumers have leisure time over the summer


Why DOOH Is Crucial For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Consumers have leisure time over the summer

As summer begins and our pre-pandemic lives start to re-emerge, advertisers must deploy the most effective marketing strategies to reach consumers that are on-the-go again. During this highly anticipated and fast-paced season, digital out-of-home offers powerful capabilities that provide brands flexible ways to approach campaigns based on their needs. Whether you’re an alcohol brand advertising an iced cold drink, a big box retailer selling the latest beach umbrellas and chairs, or a beauty marketer promoting sunscreen sales, you should consider the following tips:

Help consumers readjust to the real world.

With travel making a comeback and varied restrictions across the country, families around the world are shifting their behaviors. Brands have an enormous opportunity to help everyone get comfortable with a novel version of summer — think: keeping children entertained, hosting social gatherings in the backyard, and recreating summer activities around the home, to name a few. Leveraging programmatic out-of-home, advertisers gain an advantage by reaching the consumers at the venues they are visiting again.


Take advantage of the weather.

Through Vistar’s partnership with IBM Watson Advertising’s Weather Targeting solution, advertisers have plenty of possibilities when it comes to leveraging weather triggers for DOOH. Weather triggers enable brands to deploy relevant creative messaging, based on specific environmental conditions that are likely to influence consumers. 

Imagine you’re a beauty company that just launched a line of summer skincare products to protect you from the sun – you can leverage weather triggers to only activate media when there’s a high UV index and/or the temperature reaches a certain level. 

Or, let’s say you’re an OTC company looking to drive sales for your allergy medication. Using weather triggers, you’re able to activate media within close proximity to specific retailers, or across any venue type that’s most relevant to your campaign, when there’s a high pollen count and people are in need of a remedy.


Plan promotions around summer holidays.

DOOH allows brands to easily upload and activate against a variety of creatives – ensuring that your message is the most relevant based on the specific time, audience or location. Marketers also have the ability to tailor their creatives by venue type, ensuring that each message most strongly resonates with the consumers’ current context.

Let’s say you’re a big box retailer who typically runs ads throughout the year based on seasonal holidays or events. Consider leveraging DOOH’s advanced technology to promote your summer products. In one easy-to-launch campaign, you can easily advertise patio furniture and a BBQ grill for your July 4th promotions, then switch your creatives to showcase school and office products as back to school season approaches. 

Additionally, an alcoholic beverage brand trying to promote their ice-cold beers for the 4th of July can customize its creatives by venue type to display real-time messaging or offers. This way, marketers have the opportunity to send one message to consumers who are on the path to purchase (in transit, across billboards, or maybe at the salon) and a different message to consumers who are at the store and ready to buy (in liquor stores, gas stations or convenience stores).

DOOH should be an essential part of your summer campaigns. With programmatic, your brand can make a splash by activating DOOH media where people are going – customizing campaigns based on specific factors such as weather conditions or summer holidays. Additionally, Vistar partners with many of the industry’s leaders in measurement, including MFour, NinthDecimal, IRI, Arrivalist and Foursquare (to name a few), so you can evaluate the success of real-world campaigns across foot traffic, brand studies, sales lift and more. 

To learn more about the DOOH landscape and more marketing strategies for success, download our ebook, “Digital Out-of-Home Primer for Success.”

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