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Basis Technologies and Vistar Media Automate DOOH Advertising



Skylar Spencer

Basis Omnichannel DSP Provides Marketers with Access to Vistar Media’s Leading Marketplace for DOOH Media; Encompasses Digital Billboards, Street Furniture, Transit, and Place-Based Displays

Basis Technologies (https://basis.com), a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today announced  an integration with Vistar Media the world’s leading marketplace for programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH). The Basis platform now provides marketers with DOOH programmatic buying capabilities through access to Vistar Media’s supply-side platform (SSP). This connects buyers to compelling digital signage encompassing billboards, street furniture, transit screens, and other place-based screens from Lamar Advertising, Clear Channel Outdoor, GSTV, Topgolf and many more. This capability was made available to select customers early this year.

Activating traditional out-of-home campaigns could be complex, requiring the marketer to identify locations in which to serve ads, ensure they reach target audiences, and then arrange deals with individual vendors. Furthermore, DOOH campaigns are often orchestrated alongside advertising on other channels. Basis gives users DOOH advertising capabilities to use alongside other digital channels and tactics through its omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) that is nestled within media automation software for all major parts of campaigns, including buying on vendor-direct, search and social. 

“Utilizing Basis and Vistar for DOOH advertising gives DashHound, our proprietary technology platform, a distinct advantage in the market. We are able to extend our clients' targeted audiences from other channels into dynamic out-of-home media, reaching customers almost everywhere,” said Sok Verdery, director of digital strategy, Comporium (https://www.dashhound.com). “By seamlessly integrating data-driven insights and targeting capabilities, we can create cohesive and impactful advertising experiences that transcend silo’d channels. This strategic integration maximizes the effectiveness of our clients' advertising investments and enables them to meet their audience wherever they are."

Vistar Media offers advertisers advanced targeting capabilities for their DOOH campaigns, ranging from geographical (postal code; DMA, region; point of interest); contextual (venue type); and day/time-parting (specific time of day or day of the week). The overall benefits of DOOH capabilities in Basis for agencies and marketers include: 

  • Streamlined workflow for running programmatic DOOH campaigns. 
  • Built-in impression multiplier accounting for DOOH being a one-to-many medium.
  • Omnichannel targeting across different audiences and media channels. 
  • Holistic reporting to compare DOOH value relative to other channels such as CTV, direct, social, and search, including media available in programmatic channels.

“DOOH is poised for accelerated growth as audiences fragment and become far more reachable in on-the-go, real-world settings,” said Marissa Bernstein, VP of Marketing, Vistar Media. “Basis Technologies’ approach of unifying omnichannel programmatic advertising with other buying tactics provides marketers with another avenue for streamlining their DOOH advertising needs. Now, brands connected to Basis can tap into Vistar’s robust network of inventory to maximize their DOOH campaign’s reach and results.”

“Industry projections show that programmatic DOOH advertising could eclipse $1 billion by 2025, with video formats making up a significant portion of that spending and value,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies. “Vistar has been a pioneer in providing advertisers with DOOH media accessibility at scale. Its key value has been the knowledge it delivers to media professionals on how DOOH can amplify the visibility and engagement of brands.”   

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