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Programmatic 'Smart' Taxi Tops in NYC from Curb Taxi Media



Kerry Coppinger

Curb Taxi Media, the leading provider of mobility-centric media in the United States, today launched the largest network of programmatic 'smart' taxi tops in New York City. Curb's new programmatic network is available through technology partner Vistar Media and allows agencies and brands to launch large-scale digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns atop the city's iconic yellow taxis.

By bringing programmatic capabilities to digital taxi tops, Curb is providing agencies, brands, and programmatic buyers with the tools and flexibility to create dynamic, highly targeted campaigns in one of the world's largest OOH markets. Through the Vistar platform, advertisers can access Curb's digital taxi top inventory and make programmatic buys, including open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

"Connecting with on-the-go consumers is a critical part of the marketing funnel," said Chris Polos, Head of Curb Taxi Media. "By enabling brands to tap into the benefits of programmatic digital taxi top advertising, we're providing a unique medium to reach consumers with eye-level messaging and a coverage area far greater than what's possible with traditional OOH."

With more than 1,100 digital screens set to be enabled on Vistar, Curb offers the largest supply of programmatic digital taxi tops in New York City. Curb's digital taxi top network receives an estimated 100M monthly programmatic impressions, giving advertisers a scalable platform that can easily integrate with their wider programmatic marketing campaigns.

To give advertisers an even broader creative canvas, Curb's programmatic taxi tops are equipped with the largest high-definition screens in the industry. These LCD screens display full motion graphics and video and offer a rich viewing experience much sharper than the LED alternatives in the market. Curb's enhanced digital tops also offer smart, internet-enabled features that enable dynamic capabilities like street-level geotargeting, real-time RSS data integration, dayparting, POI targeting, and live weather triggers.

Polos added, "Our programmatic-enabled taxi tops will give brands creative new ways to reach their audiences. Imagine a restaurant delivering digital taxi top ads during the lunch rush within a geofenced area to drive immediate traffic; this is just one of many ways programmatic screens can be utilized."

Since introducing the first high-def LCD taxi tops in 2014, Curb has partnered with leading brands and agencies on a variety of innovative digital taxi top campaigns—including "The New United in NYC" campaign in partnership with McGarry Bowen and Kinetic Worldwide, winner of two Cannes Lions, a MediaPost DOOH Award, and two OBIE Awards.

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