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Vistar and Epsilon partner to extend data to DOOH messaging



Marissa Bernstein

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for programmatic out-of-home, today announced that it is partnering with Epsilon, the leader in outcome-based marketing and part of Publicis Groupe, to provide access to Epsilon’s rich consumer data in the Vistar demand-side platform (DSP). The partnership will allow clients to increase relevancy and reach of their messages through digital out-of-home (DOOH) channels.

“Our buyers are eager to apply Epsilon’s unique audience segments - especially in the B2B, health, and lifestyle categories - to their DOOH activations,” said Laura Kasakoff, Data Partnerships Director at Vistar Media. “We are excited to expand the ability for Epsilon’s segments to be available to Publicis and all of Vistar’s buyers alike.” 

Vistar Media is the only programmatic DOOH platform to offer movement-based targeting, which leverages time as well as location to match out-of-home media purchases to real-world audience movement patterns. Vistar’s technology safely ingests Epsilon audiences, then analyzes the specific times and places an audience has the highest propensity to be and identifies all DOOH screens that match that movement pattern. Vistar will then programmatically bid on the inventory that fits the desired criteria and serves an ad. 

Epsilon has built and strengthened its data assets for more than 40 years and today manages the industry’s top-ranked consumer database. The company’s datasets include a wide range of categories including demographics, lifestyles, financials, purchase behaviors, health, tech and automobiles. In addition, Epsilon has more transactional data for marketing purposes than any other company, and its proprietary consumer survey, Shopper’s Voice, is the largest single-sourced customer survey in the market.

“Digital out-of-home is an increasingly addressable channel, and we’re excited to work with Vistar Media to bring our industry-leading consumer data to brands that want to reach consumers when and where they are most receptive,” said Kyle Antoian, Managing Director, Data, at Epsilon. “We’ve spent decades investing in our data assets, and Vistar Media’s clients can be assured that they have the coverage and accuracy needed to help drive performance.” 

Epsilon was among the first companies to participate in the IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard and Compliance Program in 2019. The program provides buyers with a “nutritional label” equivalent for audience data sets that discloses information to help buyers determine audience data quality.

Several Publicis clients are already taking advantage of Epsilon’s data-driven audience targeting capabilities within their media mix, and we’ve proven impressive success with clients’ extension into out-of-home. “We are excited to bring even more granular targeting to DOOH for Publicis Media’s clients. Working with Epsilon and Vistar, we can drive real business outcomes, pairing best-in-class data with dynamic targeting to reach the right person at the right time in the physical world,” said Su Kwon, VP, Emerging Channels at Publicis Media’s global investment arm Publicis Media Exchange (PMX).

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