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Vistar Releases Free Media Planning Software for Out-of-Home Buyers



Kerry Coppinger


Vistar Media has released a free, web-based media planning software designed to simplify the out-of-home planning process for buyers. According to the company, the software includes data on all static and digital inventory available in the United States across place-based, transit, and outdoor media.

“This software will be foundational to the future of location-based media,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “The majority of the industry knows Vistar for building the bridge between digital media buyers and out-of-home media owners. We are excited to continue adding value in the out-of-home ecosystem by giving existing buyers of out-of-home the most advanced mapping software in this industry at no cost.”

The software enables buyers to ask spatial questions nationwide and quickly visualize out-of-home media.

“Vistar’s planning software will allow the Out-of-Home industry to tap into the plethora of data that exists and overlay it with the geo-location data of OOH media to develop key insights during the planning process,” said Ryan Laul, President, Outdoor Media Group. “Never before, has the industry had access to a centralized source of data across the spectrum of OOH providing this type of utility at no cost.”

Beta clients of Vistar’s planning tool have reduced their planning times from days to minutes.

“As an agency supporting the out-of-home planning and buying of an entire holding company, we are busier than ever. With Vistar’s latest ground breaking software release, we are able to focus on strategy and true innovation instead of what was once a tedious planning process,” said Connie Garrido, Partner at EnPlay Media.

The efficiency and control gained by buyers will also result in more precise requests to sellers, easing the process on both ends.

“As an operator it’s paramount to be able to seamlessly plan and execute buying and selling with agencies quickly and with data efficiency. Vistar continues to innovate and build platforms that will help modernize and advocate a ubiquitous planning process the out of home industry needs,” said Erica Line, Corporate Manager of Digital Asset Content and Integrated Strategies at Adams + Fairway Outdoor.

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