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New measurement connects DOOH to online traffic performance



Skylar Spencer

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of programmatic technology for digital signage, and global media and advertising agency, UM, today announced the results of an ANZ industry-first study that sought to understand the customer journey from traditional and programmatic out-of-home (OOH) advertising exposure to online conversion.

The collaboration between Vistar Media and UM uncovers fresh insights to guide how brands can measure the direct association between OOH advertising exposure and the online conversion of target customer segments. Applying anonymous consumer movement data to DOOH locations and ad serving times, and overlapping these unified identities with correlated anonymous website visits, successfully measured the consumer journey. UM and HBF selected industry leading third-party verification partner OIS to independently verify the campaign delivery data that formed the basis of this research. OIS ensured that the reporting across tens of millions of data points was granular, accurate and consistent. 

In applying the first-of-its-kind measurement, Vistar Media and UM worked with health insurer HBF Australia (HBF) to develop an OOH campaign to grow its branding on the East Coast and increase brand awareness on the West Coast. The campaign ultimately drove a 5.5% conversion rate for target consumers who were exposed to the campaign and then later visited the brand’s website. The campaign included both traditional and programmatic DOOH activation, and the study provides a new measurement methodology to help inform buying decisions in ANZ. 

“We know programmatic buying for DOOH is delivering incredible outcomes for clients and agencies who are pushing the boundaries in creative and innovative advertising campaigns,” said Ben Baker, Managing Director, APAC at Vistar Media.With further studies, collaborations and investments in understanding behavioural results, we’re helping shape the way we inform investment decisions with data that will ultimately guide the most effective metrics and buying practices.” 

Michael Mellington, Head of Media Partnerships, Melbourne at UM, explained: “UM and HBF have always embraced a mindset driven by exploration and innovation, which we applied throughout this campaign. Our insights and findings enabled us to better understand the power of complementary  buying strategies and how to best make OOH an effective channel in the media mix, balancing long-term and short-term metrics for a channel often kept only in the upper funnel.” 

For the first time, advertisers can observe the customer journey from start to finish from both ends of the funnel.  The results reveal that a combination of programmatic DOOH and direct-bought OOH tactics presents a unique opportunity to increase reach, frequency exposure and conversion rates to maximise campaign value. 

“As our business continues to grow, we’re adapting to meet our customer’s dynamic needs while expanding our presence in the market,” said Lousia Ross, Head of Brand at HBF. “We are very proud to be a part of the remarkable measurement study that helped us meet prospective customers where they were in the market in an innovative way.”


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