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Outdoor Retailer Taps Digital Out-of-Home Solution from Vistar Media and LiveRamp for Q4 Campaign Success



Kerry Coppinger

In a recent initiative, one of the nation’s largest outdoor retailers - leveraged 1st-party data to reach loyal customers and new prospects through digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile media, driving a 14% increase in brand awareness. The retailer leveraged a first-to-market solution from Vistar Mediaand LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company (NASDAQ: ACXM) and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, that enables brands to reach the same audiences they target online in the offline world, through DOOH media. The results were shared in front of thousands of marketers at the RampUpconference in San Francisco on March 5th.

The Q4 2017 initiative highlighted the brand’s decision to close all retail locations on Black Friday, pay their 12,000+ employees to spend time outside and encourage the rest of the country to join them in the outdoors. The goal was to drive awareness current customers and expand that awareness to new audiences.

The retailer used LiveRamp’s identity resolution service to connect their first-party customer audience segment to geospatial data from Vistar. Vistar then leveraged location data and proprietary geospatial technology to analyze how these groups of customers move throughout the physical world. Using these movement patterns, Vistar activated cross-screen mobile and digital out-of-home (DOOH) media to reach brand loyalists as well as new customers at places they were most likely to be throughout the day.

The impact of the campaign is clear - brand awareness rose 14%, along with a 9% lift in consideration and a 7% lift in purchase intent. Furthermore, retail locations saw a 3.6x lift in store visitation.

“This is a great example of identity resolution technology enabling marketers to finally deliver on an age-old adage,” said Jeff Smith, CMO and GM of Brands, LiveRamp. “In this campaign, the retailer’s first-party data provided the context to deliver the right message, and Vistar’s DOOH capabilities then helped deliver that message in the right place at the right time.”  

Vistar Media is a partner for global programmatic DOOH execution by Publicis Media, parent company to the retailer’s media agency Spark Foundry.

“The ability to reach the right consumers at impactful moments throughout their day, regardless of channel, is the true promise of omnichannel marketing,” said Brandy O'Briant, SVP, Strategy Director at Spark Foundry. “Given the challenges facing the bricks and mortar channels in retail, a solution that allows us to target consumers, drive them to the store, and attribute their foot traffic back to a certain medium is invaluable.”

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