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Pursuant Health Selects Vistar Media Full Advertising Stack



Kerry Coppinger

Pursuant Health has partnered with Vistar Media to provide better access to its digital advertising inventory and streamline the buying process for targeted digital out-of-home (DOOH) health-focused advertising.

Pursuant Health inventory will be available on Vistar’s platform for digital out-of-home media. Media buyers can place their buys programmatically through private marketplace deals or through Vistar’s ad exchange.

According to Stephanie Myers, Vice President of Advertising Sales at Pursuant Health, this integration opens up channels to better connect consumers with health-focused messaging they look for inside the pharmacy. Marketers and advertisers interested in reaching a large health minded audience will be able to more easily reach the right consumers in the right place at the right time.

“We expect all our pharmacy-facing attract screens to be online with Vistar in early February,” says Myers. “We expect the integration to provide an unprecedented level of connectivity with targeted consumers in the retail pharmacy setting.”

Pursuant Health conducts more than 30 million health screenings in the U.S. every year through its network of more than 3,600 self-service health kiosks.

With rare exception, Pursuant Health owns the only screens for digital content left in Walmart and Safeway brick and mortar locations. More than 79 percent of the U.S. population also lives within 10 miles of a Pursuant Health in-store health screening kiosk.

“Because 35 percent of Walmart shoppers visit the pharmacy department at least once per month spending approximately 10 minutes there per visit, Pursuant Health provides consumer health and wellness advertisers the ability to deliver their message to over 40 million consumers per month at the precise time they are engaged with their health,” Myers says. “For brands sold inside the store, this is the last opportunity to influence consumers before they make a purchasing decision.”

With more than 40 media networks representing 90,000+ venues, Vistar has the largest footprint of programmatically accessible out-of-home inventory in the United States. Using patented geospatial technology, Vistar gives marketers the ability to reach their ideal consumers as they move throughout their day across multiple screens, including Pursuant Health’s highly contextually relevant inventory.

Pursuant is also utilizing Vistar’s ad serving solution, in combination with Vistar’s player software, Cortex, to serve advertising on the kiosks’ user interactive touch screens. Integrating Vistar’s full ad stack improves the stability and performance of Pursuant’s network and ensures a seamless content and ad delivery experience for advertisers and viewers.

“We look forward to Vistar offering our inventory to new demand sources including the leading demand side platforms our potential buyers are already using. This makes it easier for marketers to transact with us, improves management capabilities for our ad-serving and gives us more flexibility in delivering the most appropriate content to the right consumers,” Myers says.

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