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Vistar Media Launches Reach & Frequency for DOOH



Leslie Lee

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home, today announced the launch of reach and frequency planning capabilities to inform media allocation pre-campaign. 

Reach and frequency metrics are now fully integrated as part of the Vistar demand-side platform (DSP) planning experience, and can be analyzed at the geographic market, venue type and media owner level. This new capability allows buyers to adjust targeting and budget allocations in order to achieve their DOOH campaign goals. These metrics can also be provided for use in any preferred DSP that is a current partner of the Vistar SSP. 

Rather than inventing a proprietary currency for media measurement, Vistar’s offering can leverage any industry-approved impression data source. Additionally, Vistar will be publishing the technical methodology for open-source use across the out-of-home industry. 

“Vistar's new reach and frequency features had an immediate and positive impact on our agency's cross-channel planning process,” said Paul Clancy, EVP, Media at Daniel Brian Advertising. “The ability to see our reach and frequency metrics in real time allowed us to model different venue and geotargeting scenarios, maximizing media performance for our clients.”

Vistar has developed a reach and frequency methodology specifically built for the nuances of out-of-home media. Rather than providing a share-of-voice or similar media saturation metric, Vistar uses a methodology based on device-IDs to project reach and frequency at the individual screen/venue level. 

This methodology is based on the concept of unique visitation elasticity, which uses geospatial data to ‘score’ all screens/venues based on how people move around those locations. For example, people’s movement patterns around office buildings are very different from those around airports; in one, people visit many times during a week, whereas in the other they appear much less frequently. Vistar’s methodology analyzes the elasticity of different environments to accurately project frequency and unique reach. Data is refreshed weekly to reflect changes to real-world visitation patterns. 

For more information about reach & frequency for digital out-of-home or the Vistar programmatic platform, please contact us here.

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