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Vistar Fuels Strong Growth of Programmatic DOOH Marketplace in Canada



Kerry Coppinger


With rapid advancements in targeting and measurement, and a surging interest in buying DOOH, the programmatic OOH industry is on track for rapid growth in 2020. Vistar Media, the leading programmatic technology provider for digital out-of-home, is helping accelerate that growth in the Canadian market.

In fact, when comparing 2019 with the year prior, Vistar Media saw:

  • Unique brands buying through the platform increase by 211% 

  • The number of campaigns run through its platform up by 358%

  • Overall programmatic OOH spend through the platform increase by 228%

Vistar Media currently has access to more than 11,000 screens across Canada, with that number set to significantly increase in 2020. New networks recently added to the Vistar platform include Cineplex Media, MaxTV Media, and TouchTunes. Additionally, the leading out-of-home media networks continue to lean in to programmatic, transitioning from “test & learn” to full scale adoption. Pattison Outdoor, Astral, Rouge Media, Zoom Media, Media City, and Adapt Media have recently made significant increases to the percent of inventory available. 

“Out of home advertising has always been an effective media channel to drive awareness for brands and now combined with programmatic technology this medium is more automated and measurable than ever before,” said Debbie Drutz, President, Novus Media. “Working with Vistar, we can be far more efficient with our OOH plans, by executing the digital portion through their platform, selecting an audience and activating the right screens at the right times without waste. We’re really excited that you can finally purchase all of the digital out-of-home inventory in Canada with Vistar Media.

The rapid transformation of the industry has experienced undeniable growth, largely attributable to rapid digitalization and technological advancements. At Novus, we’re excited about the expansive opportunity we have leveraging these powerful platforms to buy digital OOH more efficiently and targeted at scale.” 

With further rapid growth expected in 2020, Vistar has expanded the Canadian team to provide in-market support across demand sales, client services and publisher solutions, with further hires expected in the first 6 months of the year. 

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