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Vistar Media Selected as SSP for Wannlynx Digital Platform



Gina Cubillas

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), has been appointed as the Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for WannLynx's SaaS Screen Messaging solution, enabling a seamless approach to sell inventory to c-store screens. 

With this integrated solution, c-store operators can leverage WannLynx's interface and Vistar's SSP to programmatically monetize unsold inventory and display digital ads when the customer is at the pump, gaining a share of ad revenue from publishers and advertising networks. 

"Convenience stores provide an ideal channel for advertisers to reach consumers at the point of purchase, offering scale and a high dwell time — the perfect context for impactful out-of-home messaging," said Eric Lamb, SvP, Supply at Vistar Media. "The integration by WannLynx expands Vistar's inventory and provides advertisers with a captive audience at the forecourt."

President and CEO of WannLynx, Deepak Wanner, is excited to announce this partnership. "In addition to our current Screen Messaging Features, offering in-store promotions, joining loyalty at the pump, entertainment, and alternate payment solutions, c-stores can now earn additional revenue through this partnership," said Deepak. Convenience stores and retailers can now sell advertising inventory and gain additional revenue. By linking ads with loyalty programs and customer data, targeted ads can be sent based on customer preferences and can be easily personalized based on purchase behavior. 


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