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Connect Your Kiosk to Advertising Dollars



Gina Cubillas

As a kiosk network operator, you’ve already built and designed your kiosk to meet your business needs and to provide an enjoyable experience for your customers. However, your kiosks are more valuable than you may think!

Today, many brands and agencies look for ways to reach the audience that your kiosk caters to and will pay to run ads on your network. To get started, all you need is a digital signage screen and the right software partner.

Vistar powers many successful digital operators such as Coinstar, KeyMe and Redbox, so we are sharing our experience on how you can best monetize your kiosk network. Even if you already have direct ad campaigns running on your devices, there are several solutions to consider to generate net new revenue. 

Deciding Your Monetization Approach

There are a few different strategies your company should consider when deciding how to monetize their screens. One option is building out your own sales team that talks to out-of-home specialists about your inventory and pitches the audience that you reach. There is also the option to work with a sales shop that represents multiple operators and sells on your behalf. Recently, programmatic has been making more waves in the digital out-of-home industry among media owners, as it allows them to centralize their network operations for all of their sales or only for their unsold inventory. 

Both of these decisions are great options, but we strongly believe programmatic should be a part of your business strategy. Essentially, programmatic means that you're creating an automated integration with a platform that can provide access to new buyers who are not buying from you in a traditional way. Through a supply-side platform (SSP) your available inventory is made accessible in a marketplace where an exchange allows buyers to bid in real-time. 

Putting Programmatic Into Action

Integrating programmatic into your business strategy can be as simple as plugging into an SSP and making your inventory available. However, this approach will not be enough to cover all of your operations. Many operators start by having a few in-house programmatic specialists who go out and sell to programmatic buyers. Eventually, most media owners move toward full team alignment, where every seller is empowered to sell both traditional and programmatic. 

It’s important to note that programmatic does not replace a sales team, rather it positively drives the need for more traditional transactions. Programmatic opens up the door for new buyers who will eventually want a more tailored plan and will work directly with the operator. 

Our whitepaper for kiosk operators takes a deeper look into these topics, including the steps for monetization, implementing programmatic signage, and how to maintain complete control of the ads shown on your screens. Plus, we also share a few software solutions that can future-proof your network. Download it today

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