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Accretive Media Partners Exclusively with Vistar to Integrate Leading Proprietary Audience Data



Leslie Lee

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), has announced the integration of Accretive Media’s proprietary Accretive Audiences™ targeting segments into its platform. Now, advertisers using Vistar’s platform have exclusive access to Accretive Media audiences to activate against ranging from locational data points, psychographics, shopping behaviors, and a host of others. In addition, Accretive Media’s data team can custom build audiences for brands in need of reaching specific, granular segments to hit their goals.

“Too much OOH data today is merely repurposed mobile data that doesn't consider the nuance of the out-of-home market,” said Craig Benner, CEO and Founder of Accretive Media. “Accretive Audiences merges data science and out-of-home data, providing data sets specifically created to reach these audiences in this format. We’ve long seen advertisers glean tremendous success using this data on the Accretive platform to drive results for their business. By making our data and proven approach available directly to advertisers via the Vistar platform, we’re giving brands another way to win with this powerful format.”

Patented for people-based targeting and measurement of DOOH, Accretive Media data is purpose-built for the OOH advertising market. Through it’s Accretive Data Lake and I-SEA methodology, Accretive provides advertisers the peace of the mind that every audience is custom curated. Combined with Vistar’s robust platform and access to the widest marketplace of OOH inventory available in the U.S., this offering allows brands to put their audiences at the heart of real-world media decision-making.

“This year has reinforced the lesson that marketers’ campaigns must be both data-driven and adaptable,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO and Co-Founder, Vistar Media. “Adding Accretive Media’s audience segments into our platform will ensure that our DSP buyers have the depth of data needed to optimize their DOOH campaigns, even in a world where the only constant is change.”

Accretive audiences now available on Vistar include valuable segments that became harder to reach once COVID shutdowns drove huge shifts in consumer behavior. These include audiences that formerly displayed behaviors such as Heavy Moviegoers, Gym Rats, Heavy Commuters, Frequent Casual Dining, Foodies, Business and Leisure Travelers, and Nightlife Focused consumers. Marketers can now reach these audiences in their new behavior patterns. Additionally, Vistar marketers now have a reliable way to reach sports fans in the physical world when live sports are limited or on hold. Accretive has targeted segments for general sports fans as well as sport specific (NBA, NFL, etc) and collegiate (basketball and football) fans of specific teams. Especially important during COVID, the platform also enables marketers to target Heavy Small Business Shoppers as well as Essential Workers segments.

“As we see more and more demand from our clients for targeted digital out-of-home, we’re excited to see a OOH-specific provider like Accretive Media bring differentiated data into the space,” said Andrea Kwiatek, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Goodway Group. “Now we’ll be able to deliver even more bespoke, highly unique audiences across this emerging format.”

The partnership expands Vistar’s full suite of data offerings, which provide marketers with robust data sets to achieve their goals across audience targeting and measurement. 

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