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Vistar Launches Dynamic Creative For DOOH Ecosystem



Leslie Lee

 Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), today announced the release of dynamic creative capabilities for any DOOH screen connected to the Vistar supply-side platform (SSP). For the first time, advertisers can now activate dynamic creative campaigns at scale across the full DOOH ecosystem. 

From sports scores, weather and traffic to promotional offers, directions to a store and  localized imagery, dynamic creative unlocks personalization at scale for marketers. Until now, however, dynamic capabilities were only supported by a limited number of media owner networks. This forced advertisers to choose between scale and variety of inventory included on a plan or dynamic creatives. 

“Dynamic creative continues to push the out-of-home industry forward, allowing for messaging that can be highly tailored for relevance in a specific moment in time and use case - without requiring endless manual work,” said Laura Brandes, Group Director at Rapport. “Combining dynamic creative with digital screens in a fully automated capacity unlocks a new way of thinking when it comes to planning and buying out-of-home media.”

“Advertisers today invest heavily in creative strategy for their digital channels, and Vistar's dynamic creative offering now allows us to extend that into the physical world through out-of-home,” said Debbie Drutz, President of Novus Canada. “Our buyers can bring to life extraordinary data-driven campaigns with precision and efficiency.”

Because out-of-home media involves a wide variety of formats, player software and hardware, there is a high degree of complexity in delivering dynamic creative that will display properly across multiple different networks. Digital signage networks use a variety of content management systems (CMS), many of which have proprietary, non-standards support for dynamic content. While HTML5 is standard for online dynamic creative, each CMS in OOH handles support for HTML5 differently, requiring custom creative assets for each network.

Vistar has deep integrations with every DOOH  network, both through the highest quality SSP integrations and through ad serving and full-stack network operations software. Using a SSP rendering service, Vistar’s global solution instantly converts dynamic creatives to an image at the moment of transaction, so even media networks that do not directly support dynamic creative can seamlessly display the campaign. 

“This is a game changer,” said Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth & Programmatic, Lamar Advertising Company. “Providing scalable dynamic creative capabilities puts out-of-home on an even playing field with other digital media channels. Advertisers can create compelling campaigns that respond to real-world data and activate in the real world.” 

Vistar has developed a standardized spec for dynamic creative format for DOOH that works reliably on all major DOOH software stacks widely in use today. This solution is built to provide maximum flexibility in working with different external data feeds, whether an advertiser has proprietary or preferred data or wants to work with Vistar to identify a provider. 

For more information about dynamic creative for OOH, please contact us here. 

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