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Vistar Media launches political inventory packages for DOOH advertising campaigns



Skylar Spencer

Vistar’s Political Inventory Packages allow marketers and omnichannel demand-side platforms (DSPs) to access prepackaged, political-safe DOOH inventory

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of technology solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, today announced the launch of its new political inventory targeting solution, providing marketers with the ability to easily activate campaigns across the best digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens for political messages, through a single deal ID. These pre-packaged deals help navigate the restrictions placed on political ads so campaigns can go live seamlessly, safely and at scale.

“When it comes to politics, time is of the essence to get your message across, and with programmatic DOOH, you can share that message when and where it matters most,” said Leslie Lee, SVP of Marketing at Vistar Media. “The flexibility and speed of programmatic combined with the impact and reach of out-of-home is a huge advantage in inspiring action among prospective voters. You can craft a message that’s tailored to the audience you want to reach, layer in dynamic creative tactics to make it hyper-personalized and push out ads across relevant pre-packaged inventory – all without the risk of creative being rejected due to varying restrictions.”

Vistar’s Political Inventory Packages are designed for buyers leveraging Vistar’s demand-side platform (DSP) or any of their omnichannel DSP partners, and are broken down by political message type:

  • Get Out the Vote

  • Policy

  • Partisan

  • Candidate

  • Attack Ads

"Programmatic digital out-of-home is an easy choice for us when planning out our media campaigns for the upcoming election,” said Erin Mulrooney, Senior Director, Media Buying at Bully Pulpit International, a communications and marketing agency. We need channels that people trust and that allow us to layer in the right data and insights to ensure we're targeting the right prospective voters, at the right times and places. Vistar’s straightforward tools, access to inventory, and attentive support allow us to act as quickly as the needs of our political clients change. We’re also confident that our ads will be displayed in a safe, appropriate environment where people will be most receptive to creative messaging, a core tenet to how we approach media buying at BPI.”

In addition to pre-packaged inventory, advertisers can take advantage of dynamic creative in their political OOH campaigns. Dynamic creative changes messages and images based on data, allowing political organizations to tailor their messages to reach the right constituents, at the right time and place. From integrating countdowns into ad creatives to encourage last minute votes or highlighting directions to nearest polling centers, dynamic creative can add personalization at scale.

Vistar’s inventory network also boasts a variety of formats that accept video DOOH advertising, such as gas stations, gyms, urban panels, bars, malls and more, making it easy for political marketers to repurpose existing video assets across OOH.

Reach out today to learn more about Vistar’s Political Inventory Packages and how to take advantage of pre-packaged DOOH inventory in an upcoming campaign. 

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