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Vistar Media and Vibenomics Partner for First Programmatic Audio Out-of-Home



Leslie Lee

Audio advertising tailored specifically for in-store retail environments can now be bought on the largest programmatic OOH exchange

Vibenomics, a location-based Audio Out-of-Home™ (OOH) advertising and experience company, today announced its partnership with Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH).

The partnership marks the first time that advertisers will have the ability to buy audio-only inventory -- including musical playlists, paid commercial spots, or brand messaging -- on an OOH exchange. Now, advertisers can further impact immediate purchase decisions, by reaching shoppers directly through a unique auditory experience at points-of-sale inside thousands of retail locations. In turn, participating brick-and-mortar businesses can increase their sales, earn additional ad revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

“We partnered with Vistar Media because of their deep experience building a vast exchange across various place-based venues (the largest in the world) and highly-advanced technology that is capable of supporting such an integration. No other SSP could both handle the nuances of out-of-home and provide access to real demand,” said Brent Oakley, co-founder and CEO of Vibenomics. “Moreover, Vistar Media is a fellow pioneer, leading programmatic in the OOH space, and together we are opening up access to this growing new channel.”

Through a single integration to Vistar’s API, Vibenomics has access to Vistar’s supply-side platform (SSP), as well as Vistar’s ad server to handle delivery and scheduling of their own ad placements & content. Vibenomics selected Vistar as their ad serving & programmatic software provider due to Vistar’s expertise in handling the nuances of location-based OOH as well as digital programmatic.

“Vistar chose to partner with Vibenomics and to embrace audio out-of-home because it provides our marketers with the ability to reach a consumer near the point-of-purchase in a retail environment,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO and Co-Founder, Vistar Media. “Our customers are already doing that with screens in retail locations, and audio-out-of-home is a perfect extension of those strategies. Our partnership with Vibenomics creates not only a new category of DOOH, but also indicates a bright future of advertising overall.”

About Vistar Media

Vistar Media is the world’s leading end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for digital out-of-home (DOOH). Vistar Media’s demand-side platform (DSP) and supply-side platform (SSP) empower buyers and sellers to easily transact on DOOH inventory while applying intelligent data insights that improve media performance. Vistar’s SaaS solutions (unified ad server and Cortex for device and content management) deliver enterprise-grade solutions for monetizing and operating digital signage networks at any scale. Through its global reach, direct platform integrations, data partnerships, and complete technology stack, Vistar Media continues to power innovation and growth across the digital signage industry. Founded in 2012, Vistar Media is headquartered in New York City and has offices across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

About Vibenomics

Vibenomics, Inc. is a location-based Audio Out-of-Home™ advertising and experience company that powers audio channels for retailers, giving brands the ability to talk to shoppers directly at the point of sale. With its powerful cloud-based technology, licensed background music library, data integration capabilities, full-service team of audio experience experts, and network of on-demand professional voice talent, the company provides the right revenue-enhancing vibe for over 100 advertisers in more than 4,000 locations across 48 states, reaching over 150 million people.

Delivered through flexible plug-and-play mobile tablet devices, Vibenomics dynamically broadcasts hyper-targeted, in-stream audio advertisements and curated playlists within any combination of locations across its swiftly growing national footprint, unlocking a powerful new shopper marketing channel for reaching consumers during the critical final footsteps along the path to purchase. Through a first-of-its kind partner program, retailers can receive a portion of revenue for all advertisements sold by Vibenomics that play within their locations, giving them the ability to monetize their private airwaves and transform a legacy expense into a new profit center.

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